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Slimlook Forskolin you now that we’ve covered that let’s get into what I am eating because I feel like that is another big thing so I do the intermittent fasting that keeps me on track that keeps my stomach not over expanded from overeating that makes you more hungry drink enough water your body actually sometimes you feel hungry but your body is really just needing water I eat very low carbs you guys it’s just simple stuff like if we have sloppy joes for dinner I just mix the sloppy joe mix in the meat I mix corn in with it and that is bomb AF I don’t put it on a bun or you can do rice cakes it’s just about substituting out breads and whatever you’re eating and you make it work there’s good carbs and bad carbs you know vegetables have carbs so it’s just all the bad carbs you don’t want to be doing you guys your body’s function is so important and when you’re eating like man-made carbs and stuff that’s like glue on the inside of your digestive

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