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Slimlook Forskolin to 100 car so 102 to check in again unless something happens until Sunday for the last clip and I’m hoping between know if you want to yeah it takes away from those points so I did a Gore I did my online grocery list if I want to say depressed but I really felt like just blah the last like week or two and I thought man I have to get a handle on this somehow right so I got some good sleep last night so I do feel a little bit better today sleep for me is so very important and I think it’s very important of his points I I don’t know if I can do that I’d only be eating like ten points a day I guess if you ate a shitload of 0.3 could um but we’re gonna see because I have to do something I my initial plan of trying to stay within the thousand calorie is eating like Madoff at now I would much rather I’ve been so calorie focused like for the past six months it will be nice to just focus on the points do you know what I mean something different um I mean

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