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Keto Ignite week in a row and this week has been a little bit busy with work so I haven’t exercised and I’m gonna exercise tonight though as soon as I get off here with you guys but here’s what I realized well first of all my husband brought me home a gallon of the chick-fil-a diet lemonade I didn’t even realize chick-fil-a had it in gallon size like damn why have I not been buying that before so that was awesome and what I found happening this week is I’ve slowly let crackers chips stuff like that creep back into my diet and even 

Keto Ignite Diet the second though they are lower in carb and veggie or whatever I I can’t I can’t do it because it’s too much of a trigger for me like it’s seriously like I ate so many Triscuits yesterday and I was like what am i doing like what am i doing to myself right now so and I know I always feel better when I don’t eat that stuff so

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