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Lucineux when I’m not sleeping very well or drinking a lot of alcohol or eating a lot of really heavy processed foods with kind of crack ingredients my skin suffers and that’s something to notice that earlier in the month like after New Year’s you know I was a bit more like health-conscious I was trying to avoid processed foods I wasn’t drinking alcohol all that I was focusing so hard on my PhD work so I was just all about that life and my skin was really clear for the first part of normal but I do feel like it’s quite prone to dehydration I feel like having switched over this is routine I feel like my skin has actually been observed attained moisture but better there’s not a lot in the routine that really helps with diminishing scarring so that’s 

lucineux skin even bother really using an eye cream and this routine because I couldn’t find one at the drugstore that I thought would be worth it so I just used my moisturizer around there otherwise I’m really really happy with most of the routines I’m really excited to share it with you so starting out with cleanses before I switched over to drugstore skincare I was using the drunk elephant pinky barge is a cleansing bar I found one that doesn’t have fragrance it’s soap free obviously it doesn’t have like SLS on it and it’s actually not one that foams up at all so it’s very sort of soft and nourishing on your skin my skin doesn’t feel 

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