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Vital Keto time with such a small group of people and with such limited resources so I think you know I’m excited about what to see going forward I can’t predict what’s gonna happen with me or with Kido or with anything or even with my lab you know down two months down the road but but it’s definitely um I’m the most excited one took I see where everything ends up awesome and then for the folks aren’t interesting keeping track you’re on twitter handle is Ethan Ethan jyc Ethan Joyce yeah and I would say like I had a massive Twitter addiction I still have a massive Twitter addiction I just don’t have as much time like I think part of my Twitter time has been taken up by Kido so productive I’m still there I still love it and I still think it’s the best medium for interacting with with with people especially when it comes to things like science Vital Keto Diet could like reach out and have a conversation with these people that should otherwise be inaccessible to you yeah like that was pretty amazing I mean I remember having like you know I won’t name names but I remember having like legitimate conversations Twitter conversations the people I was like I can’t believe this and I’m sure there are people out there who have those conversations with me I mean today thinking the same thing which is super strange but the fact is like that’s the beautiful thing is that you can access anybody it doesn’t mean that they’re gonna respond all the time but people do tend to respond and I think people on Twitter that’s one question that I’ve asked a lot of our

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